Month: September 2019

Loan on purchase of second home abroad

When you negotiate with the bank to take out a loan with your prospective house as collateral, you will make a valuation of the house that will form the basis for how much you will be able to borrow with the house as collateral. When you borrow with a house as collateral, you will get Read More

What is a Private Loan?

A private loan is a very simple loan that allows you to borrow amounts that are usually up to $ 350,000, sometimes up to half a million depending on the lender. For a private loan, no collateral is needed. The most common repayment period for a private loan is from 1 to 15 years and Read More

Micro credit without SMS

There are many lenders to choose from for those who wish to borrow a smaller amount of money in the form of micro credit. However, most people use an application code, which can feel unnecessary. This application code does not in principle fulfill any major purpose but is only used when you have to submit Read More

Vehicle financing without Credit Bureau

If the credit bureau file contains negative entries, financing is often difficult. However, if you take a look at your own credit bureau self-report, you may even be lucky enough to delete one or the other entry. Here you can find out what car financing without credit bureau is all about and why car financing Read More

We compare interest rates on private loans.

When it comes to interest on a private loan, it is often difficult to get a good grip on the whole thing. This then the interest rate varies depending on how big, how long a loan is and who lends money. Generally, you can say that a short and small loan has a much higher Read More