eBay’s Combined Invoice Issue Cost Seller $300 in Lost Sales


Dear Ina,

It now appears that eBay no longer allows buyers to request a combined invoice. Since last week, several buyers have emailed me and said that when they place items in their cart and request a total, they receive an error message number “80206”.

They then ask me to send them an invoice which, since almost no buyer understands, sellers can’t see what’s in a buyer’s cart.

When I explain this to them, they say eBay is all screwed up (or something) and I never hear from them again.

So far I’ve lost $300.00+ in sales last week. I have tried requesting a callback from eBay CS to discuss the issue, but that is no longer available to us “small fry” sellers. The only way we can contact CS is by email.

I have sent 3 emails since last week and have had no response. Looks like eBay is on the ropes and the count is at 9.

Pneumatic brake

PS: Further to my previous letter: I finally contacted someone from eBay customer service and they informed me that the error message, when requesting a total for combined shipping, occurred for buyers for at least two weeks and that there were many problems. posts about it – so here’s another code problem, not a problem.

CS acknowledged that IT had been working on this for 2 weeks before shutting up and not addressing the issue again.

Does anyone have any idea how much business this cost the sellers? I bet it’s in the tens of thousands of $$$$. Shoppers simply go elsewhere – who are they going to complain to? eBay CS?


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