OU Student Financial Center Extends CASH Application for Power Outages and Bad Weather | New



The CASH application deadline has been extended to February 18 at 11:59 p.m. due to bad weather in Norman.

Crispin South, congressman of the Student Government Association, said his organization received “several” different concerns from students about the CASH app after power outages hit several areas on campus and around Norman.

“I saw (their requests) come in and thought it was something that we could contact the Student Financial Center and see if anything could be done to extend that time,” South said.

The decision to extend the deadline further was made by the Student Financial Center after SGA informed the scholarship office that some students were unable to complete their applications due to power outages.

“I’m really happy with (the change),” South said. “This is an example of when you bring your concerns to the student government, we can really do something about that and make the change happen on campus. “

South said completing the CASH application is beneficial for all students, especially undergraduates, as it can help those who are struggling to find funds for tuition.

“If you want money for a scholarship, completing the CASH application is the first step in ensuring that you have a good scholarship to continue attending OU.” said South.



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